Dr. Francois Fong
Medical Director
MBBS(Hons), BMedSci(Hons), GradGipHI,
MFM(Clinical), MHSci(Sexual Health),
Honorary Assistant Professor - HKU & CUHK

Dr Francois Fong received his medical training in Australia, from which, he has a strong background in clinical medicine, counselling/sex therapy and laboratory medical science. After receiving his undergraduate medical degrees in clinical medicine and medical science with honours, Dr Fong had obtained his Master in Family Medicine from Monash University and Master in Sexual Health from University of Sydney. He was awarded Fellowship of Royal Australian College of General Practitioner and Membership from Australian Association of Sex Educator, Researcher and Therapist.

After working as medical director of a health care provider with over 200,000 corporate members, he realised there is special need in the area of sexual health and mental health, areas which are often neglected by mainstream medical professionals. Apart from practising as a sexual health physician, Dr Fong also practices as family physician, sex therapist and counsellor. Dr Fong assists both male and female patients with their sexual, mental and relationship problems, as well as managing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Realising the special needs of patients dealing with STD, Dr Fong set up our in-house specialised sexual health/STI laboratory that provides timely, confidential and professional testing services. Hong Kong Sexual Health Centre is the first centre in Hong Kong to provide same day

HIV Combo test and CD4 count which used to take 3 weeks for samples to be sent to US for testing.

Apart from being a busy clinician, Dr Fong is enthusiastic about training future doctors, medical researchers and counsellors. Dr Fong has been appointed an Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, clinical tutor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and formerly lecturer at Monash University in Australia. He has also been supervisor for Master in Counselling program at Monash University and Master in Sexual Health program at University of Sydney.

Dr Fong participated in various university research projects in areas involving STD/HIV screening programs for female sex workers, HPV and cervical cancer screening program, education program for MSMs with the School of Public Health and Primary Care at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr Fong has also been active in community education and prevention programs to promote public awareness and proper perception of sexual health. He is a consultant for Cervical Cancer Prevention Alliance and committee member of Action for Reach Out.

Dr Fong has been interviewed by various media including South China Morning Post, New Beijing Newspaper, Metro Daily, Headline Daily, HKEJ, and magazines such as ELLE, BEATS, Dim Sim, Megalife, Darizi etc on different sexual health issues. Dr Fong has been invited as a professional guest appearing in a TV and Radio programs produced by ATV, BBTV, HKRT, Metro Radio to discuss various sexual concepts, practices, taboos, general misunderstandings on sexual issues, sexual dysfunctions and HIV/STD prevention.

Interviews and articles by Dr. Fong

CUHK Student Association中文大學學生會 2008
Editorial – Hong Kong Practitioner, Hong Kong College of Family Physician 家庭醫學學院雜誌
信報 Hong Kong Economic Daily
東方日報 Oriental Daily
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