Male Genital Ulcer

Genital ulcers

Genital ulcers can be caused by infection, trauma, cancer and allergies. Some of the causes are unknown. The most common causes are

1. Sexual transmission of syphilis
2. Haemophilus influenzae infection of soft chancre
3. Herpes virus infection of genital herpes

These three kinds of sexually transmitted diseases are the main reasons of male genital ulcer.

Male genital ulcer

Male genital ulcer is caused by infection, trauma, cancer and allergies. This will lead to foreskin and male genital head (glans) inflammation. The general symptoms of male genital ulcer are :

1. Urethral orifice  
2. Genital or foreskin wound 
3. Foreskin gradually tightened
4. Smegma increased and increase odor 
5. Feeling of tingling, paralysis or itching arond the genital or anal area
6. Small blisters may form around the genital area. These small blisters may burst, which will lead to ulceration and pain 
7. Lymphadenopathy 
8. Tingling sensation during urinating

Genital Ulcer can be transmitted by sexual contact, and it can be infected throughout the year. Experts advise that the cause of genital long-term ulcers needs to be identified early for targeted treatment in order to avoid secondary ulcers caused by infection, or transmission to other people.

Male Genital ulcer symptoms:

1. Syphilis: first stage with harden chancre

It usually appears in the glans, coronal sulcus, foreskin or lace area. The area of ulcer will be hardened, but patient will not feel obvious pain or other discomfort. If the sexual behavior is unclean, patient should seek for doctor consultation and perform a serological examination (e.g. Treponema pallidum virus). Patient should not ignore or delay medical examination, and strive for early diagnosis and treatment. Test Provided:

2. Genital Herpes (Herpes)

As a result of herpes virus infection, a number or a cluster of corn sized papulovesicle will suddenly appear. At the beginning, patient will feel itchy, and the papulovesicle is prone to rupture and lead to pain. This can happen repeatedly. Recurrence is easy especially when the patient is in fatigue stage or is physically declined. Patient should consider genital herpes as the main cause. Make sure you seek for doctor’s help in time because the disease is contagious and is mainly transmited through sexual contact.

3. Chancroid

Also known as the third sexually transmitted diseases, it is one of the classic sexually transmitted diseases(STDs), caused by Haemophilus ducreyi, mainly through sexual contact. The disease is characterized by genital pain ulcers, often accompanied by inguinal lymph node purulent lesions. The average latency after infection was 2-3 days.

The Risks of Male Genital Ulcers

In the clinical practice, chronic male genital ulcers is the most common case. Chronic male genital ulcers will have different degrees of sexual dysfunctions and effects. Men who suffer from genital ulcer will

  1. Feel pain when engaging in sexual behaviors, which can affect his sexual life negatively
  2. have small cracks in the foreskin areas which causes swelling and pain
  3. face the chance of getting serious festering genitalia
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