Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Treatment

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PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis)

is an antiviral treatment given to individuals to reduce the chance of seroconverting due to a potential HIV infection so as to prevent becoming infected.

PEP Price : HK$13,470- $15,920 (depends on medication selection) 

Treating HIV in 72 hrs with Medication

PEP (HIV Tablet, Medication) has been shown to be highly effective within 72 hours after a high-risk exposure to HIV, i.e. unprotected intercourse or needle injury, etc. 

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PEP should begin as soon as possible after an exposure as its protective effect is reduced if begun after 72 hours. The usual course of treatment is 30 days.


How PEP works

Because PEP can delay viral replication, individuals who have taken PEP should have an HIV test on the second day after completion of treatment, 1, 3 and 6 months after the initial exposure.

PEP Research

Recent Research indicates if PEP is taken within 72 hours of exposure even HIV has already entered the body, can highly reduce an infected person's chance of being HIV positive. It is advised PEP should be taken as soon as possible within 72 hours of exposure as its effectiveness varies according to the timing of initiation. 

For PEP to be effective, the person who may have been exposed to HIV should strictly adhere to a four week drug regimen. If they do not adhere well to the daily medication doses it is less likely to work. In addition, if not taken properly they might run the risk of developing drug resistance to HIV drugs, which might affect the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment if they become HIV positive in the future. 

Side Effect of PEP

The side-effects of PEP can be strong but vary from person to person. Generally, PEP can cause diarrhoea, headaches, nausea and vomiting but these side effects usually stop once the treatment is finished.

You should consult a specialised medical professional before starting the treatment to assess your risk.  If you require PEP urgently
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PEP Price/Fee : HK$13,470- $15,920 (depends on medication selection) 

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Other things to consider before having HIV test:
Having an HIV test is usually stressful. Ongoing support is provided by our centre. 

  • Everyone who is intending to have an HIV test is encouraged to discuss their concerns with a counsellor, nurse or doctor.   
  • All medical information and any discussions at the centre are confidential. 
  • Testing for HIV can be coded (we do not need to use your real name). 
  • The Department of Health receives statistics on all new cases but no names are provided. 
  • In many countries, there is a legal requirement for HIV infected people to inform present and future sexual partners, if unprotected intercourse is anticipated. 
  • Some people with HIV experience discrimination in their personal relationships and employment. 
  • There may be restrictions on obtaining life insurance and visas in some countries. 

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