Symptoms and Signs of ureaplasma urealyticum

Ureaplasma urealyticum infection often shows no symptoms and most people are not aware that they are infected.

It is recommended that it should be tested at least once a year. In men, the symptoms can be very mild, such slight clear discharge, urethral irritation, redness at tip of urethra.

However, it may also present with more severe symptoms such as lower abdominal pains, painful urination, persistent discharge, bleeding in the urethra and symptoms of prostatitis such as increase urination, weaker urine flow, reduced bladder tolerance or even erectile dysfunction and painful ejaculation. Other complications in male may include chronic prostatitis, epididymitis (an inflammation of the testicles) and chorioamnionitis (redness and inflammation around the genitals, discharge and painful urination).

In female, the symptoms are often mimic usual vaginal discharge. However, women who has been diagnosed with “recurrent thrush” or candida infection, should get tested for ureaplasma as candida should be easily treated unless there is predisposed diseases such as diabetes. Women with fertility problem should also get tested for ureaplasma.

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