Gonorrhoea | Diagnosis

There are laboratory tests to diagnose gonorrhoea. The most accurate test for gonorrhoea is gonorrhoea DNA test which test for the presence of bacteria in the specific site.

Urine Test for Gonorrhoea

It is most commonly performed using urine. Specifically urine should be held for two hours and using the first part of urine. DNA test can detect gonorrhoea in very small quantity usually from 3 days after an exposure.

Collection of Specimen

It can also be performed using specimen collected from other sites such as oral cavity, cervix/vagina or rectum depending on the exposure. In our centre, some samples can be mixed after collection to determine the presence of infection.

Gram Stain / Antigen

A quick laboratory test for gonorrhoea in men with symptoms that can be done in some clinics or doctor’s offices is a Gram stain or an antigen rapid test. A Gram stain of a sample from a urethra allows the doctor to see the gonorrhoea bacterium under a microscope. An antigen test detects the presence of bacteria in urethral discharge and result can be obtained in 10 minutes.

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Gonorrhoea DNA Test


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